Meat and dairy analogues of the future call for a focus on affordability, 创新的商业模式和公正的转型

While meat and dairy analogues hold promise in addressing health and environmental concerns, 它们的采用值得深思. 本文正规博彩十大网站了关键的行动要点, 源自水务署主办的多方利益攸关方对话, aimed at enabling analogue products to best contribute to healthy and sustainable food systems.

发表: 2023年9月20日
作者: 玛丽亚·威斯汀,农业和食品高级助理
类型: 洞察力

植物性, 肉类和奶制品的发酵和栽培替代品, often referred to as “analogues” given their attempt to mimic the taste and texture of their animal-based counterparts, are important levers to achieve healthier and more sustainable diets globally. Recent years have witnessed a surge in enthusiasm amongst food system stakeholders for these innovative alternatives to animal-based meat and dairy products. 这 interest has been fueled by the dire environmental and health concerns linked to the high (and growing) amounts of meat and dairy consumed globally, 尤其是在以西方饮食为主的国家. 

畜牧系统约占14个.5% of all human-induced greenhouse gas emissions and about 50% of emissions from agriculture.1 乳制品对环境也有重大影响. In EU diets, dairy accounts for over one quarter of the carbon footprint.2 与植物性替代品相比, cow’s milk causes around three times more GHG emissions; uses around ten times more land; up to twenty times more freshwater; and creates much higher levels of eutrophication – a process in which water bodies become overly enriched with nutrients which leads to harmful algal blooms, 死亡地带和生态系统破坏.3 Overconsumption of red and processed meat is also associated with an increased risk of heart disease, 某些类型的癌症, 2型糖尿病和过早死亡.456 

Given the well-documented negative impacts of meat and dairy overconsumption on both human health and the environment, an inevitable question arises: why is the transition to integrating meat and dairy analogues in diets not happening more swiftly and universally? 而类似物提供了有希望的替代品, 它们有自己的一套权衡, 需要企业关注的挑战和问题, 科学家和决策者都一样.  

Meat and dairy analogues are often categorized as ultra-processed foods and critics question their healthiness, 以高能量密度为例, 富含添加剂的高钠产品. They worry that the plant-based association conceals what could otherwise be an all but nutritious diet. 人们普遍关注, 关于营养的混淆和错误信息, 可访问性, 可扩展性和消费者对这些产品的兴趣, as well as the livelihood implications of a massive shift from animal-based to analogue products for farmers and agricultural workers in the sector. 

The complex questions surrounding these products spurred WBCSD to organize a set of dialogues in May and June 2023, which brought together stakeholders from across the global food ecosystem to share diverse perspectives on the role of meat and dairy analogues in delivering healthy and sustainable diets. 这 新论文 捕捉在对话系列中培养的开放交流, 其中强调了以下主要行动领域: 

  1. Strengthen the data-backed evidence and narrative on the impacts of meat and dairy analogues. 
  2. Ensure a just transition for consumers and agri-food workers in the shift to meat and dairy analogues. 
  3. 建立创新的商业模式来帮助推动转型. 
  4. Progress behavior change for consumers and companies towards the incorporation of analogues. 

今天, there is an opportunity to shape the future of meat and dairy analogue products, ensuring we collectively understand their role in contributing to sustainable and healthy diets for all. 对话系列讨论,如新正规博彩十大网站 , 识别相关的挑战和机遇, 除此之外, the importance of more unbiased research to understand the health impacts of different types of analogue products; affordability and 可访问性 considerations in regions where meat and dairy analogues are more expensive than their animal-based counterparts; the ‘protein tunnel vision’ versus assessing the overall nutritional benefits of meat and dairy analogues and how they fit into diets more broadly; and legislation impacting the consumption of analogues. 

阅读更多关于这些和其他方面的肉类和乳制品类似物, 包括针对不同利益相关者的建议行动, 在论文中 肉类和乳制品类似物-机遇,挑战和下一步

WBCSD will continue to align the sector to establish meat and dairy analogues as a part of healthy and sustainable food systems. 欲了解更多信息,请联系Melanie Levine

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